Application Areas

Application Areas


A car park is usually the first “face” of a building a person will see, is the first impression of the entire location before even stepping inside.
Designing a car park flooring only for the reason to be a clean, functional and appealing surface can be a very tricky task. The resin flooring finish will be, in the first place, exposed to automotive oils, heavy vehicles moving in tight circles, thermal cycling, concrete substrate static and dynamic cracks, water ingress and exposure to the elements on exposed decks. So, a car park flooring finish is, first of all, a protection system for the concrete parking structure and secondary a friendly welcoming face of the building.
Car park protection systems have been designed to improve light reflectivity, reduce car traffic noise, provide concrete structure waterproofing and meet highly fire rating.
Is available a wide-range of attractive colors and options to create bright demarcation lines and signage, thus helping to regulate traffic movement and giving a welcoming impression to visitors.

Food Industry

A range of hygienic polyurethane screed flooring solutions are designed to fulfill the unique challenges found within the food industry: high chemical resistance as well as a non-slip surface that is easy to clean and degrease.
Food industry flooring is subject to heavy truck and pallet truck traffic, as well as thermal shock resulting from pressurized steam cleaning – both of which can lead to mechanical damages.
Polyurethane flooring range has been developed to satisfy the highest possible hygiene standards, offering strength, durability and resilience combined with performance and easy cleaning procedures.

Warehouses & Factories

The floor finish in warehouses and distribution centers is crucial to the “smooth” running of the facility as any bumps, cracks or flaws in its surface can have serious consequences on the ability of forklifts to move fast and efficient among the narrow racking systems.
Epoxy and polyurethane resin floorings can provide finishes formulated to create floors that meet this strict demand of smoothness and flatness. This includes self levelling resin layers and screeds, high build multilayer systems to anti-slip or smooth resin coatings.
Signages and navigational signage can be utilized within a warehouse floor to improve workflow around the site by making the most efficient routes around the facility easy to identify. It is also an effective way to highlight important safety issues, such as areas that include hazardous materials or where cross contamination is a concern.

Antistatic & anti-explosion


Schools & Hospitals


Structural Consolidations


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